About Us

Braid Beauty Inc. was founded in 2018 with one goal in our minds; desire to help our braiders and support them. We wanted to show them our recognition on how much we loved their artistic works and the beautiful culture towards the braiders.

We gathered together to discuss how we could bring out our heart into our business. As a team, we came to a conclusion, which was to provide high quality braiding hair and products at the lowest price possible for our braiders. Our vision was and is to be the root for the braiders to grow in their businesses and their careers.

Throughout the most difficult era, COVID-19 pandemic, it wasn't easy to run the business as we promised. However, our goal stood firm as we struggled. We have been dedicated to bring the lowest price possible to our customers. As we were reaching for our goal during our struggles, we somehow found ourselves in a community where the braiders started to support our business as well. It was like a familyhood among businesses.

From a small seed of a dream, we have grown our business with you. And this is only the beginning. With a community of numerous members, as a family, we will be doing our best to care and support you with all our hearts. We will grow and reach for another goal, which is giving back to the community and support for the next generation. We appreciate you for your being a part of this. Thank you.