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      The Black Afro Hairs ain't easy to care from breakage and loss hair. Because afro hair and scalp are lack of moisture and prone to breakage. Dryness is the bane of black afro hair. Dry hair breaks so easily and the hair is susceptible to dryness. 

      Having a routine with using substantial product providing moisture will help you achieve healthy hair that is longer and stronger than before.  



      How often should black hair be conditioned then?

      It will vary based on your hair's condition; hair texture, type, and scalps. Most naturals deep condition every week or every two weeks which coincides with the hair wash days.



      Which Products will help us to having healthy hair and scalp?

      • Hair Oil
      • Moisturizing Lotion
      • Leave-in Conditioner
      • Moisturizing Shampoo
      • Repairing Conditioner
      • Therapy Oil
      • Scalp Care Oil
      • Scalp Treatment
      • Replenishing Conditioner


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