VIP Membership


As we appreciate your business and we created the VIP membership program with extra benefits. We are always thriving to bring more braiding hairs and items for you with better prices.

The top customers of the year will be escalated as VIP members for next coming year, and will have special discounted prices up to 19% off on every purchase with many benefits coming with.

1. Exclusive VIP offers
  • VIP customer's account will be marked as VIP. The special deals and prices will be shown only you logged in with the VIP account.
2. 19% Off
  • Vip Members save up to 19% off their entire purchase every time.
3. Birthday Gift
  • Let us celebrate your birthday together. The special gift will be delivered to you for your special day.
4. Prioritized Shipping
  • We promises the VIP's order will be prioritized handling and shipping.
5. Free Samplers
  • Enjoy opportunities for testing out free samplers of our products, new arrivals, and hot items. 


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