2021 Award Winners

We appreciate your business.

Top customers of the year will be announced today! 
The big prize is waiting for them.

---- " Drum roll Please " -----

Let's give a big hand to the top 15 customers.

  1. H****** Robinson (LA)
  2. M****** Harrell (ST)
  3. W**** Thorpe (OH)
  4. N****** Jones (MS)
  5. S******* Moore (MS)
  6. A***** Sanders (KY)
  7. J***** Sawyer (HI)
  8. R****** Cooper (OH)
  9. C****** Deamesi (TX)
  10. S******* Yopa (VA)
  11. N**** Davis (OR)
  12. M***** Walker (GA)
  13. E***** Thomas (CA)
  14. T****** Caldwell (CA)
  15. L*** Wright (NM)

The 15 top customers will be escalated as VIP members for next year 2022, and will have special discounted prices up to 19% off on every purchase with many benefits coming with through out 2022.


1. Exclusive VIP offers
  • VIP customer's account will be marked as VIP. The special deals and prices will be shown only you logged in with the VIP account.
2. 19% Off
  • Vip Members save up to 19% off their entire purchase every time.
3. Birthday Gift
  • Let us celebrate your birthday together. The special gift will be delivered to you for your special day.
4. Prioritized Shipping
  • We promises the VIP's order will be prioritized handling and shipping.
5. Free Samplers
  • Enjoy opportunities for testing out free samplers of our products, new arrivals, and hot items. 


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